Hand washing in action

Empowering vulnerable communities to fight Covid-19: the case of Zimbabwe

Researchers and NGOs are helping the displaced and marginalised to better protect themselves against the pandemic
August 2021
Farm workers in a field

Evaluating the risk of labour exploitation among migrant workers in the UK during Covid-19

Researchers at the University of Nottingham evaluate the risk of labour exploitation among migrant workers in the UK during the Covid-19 pandemic
July 2021
A girl looking through a window

Communicating with Generation Z

How Government fell short in its Covid-19 messaging for vulnerable young people – and how it can improve
May 2021
Liberian flag

Roadmap to accountability: Overcoming barriers to justice in Liberia (part two)

Overcoming barriers to post-conflict justice in Liberia, which has experienced two violent civil wars between 1989 and 2003 has been a key aspect of Professor Olympia Bekou’s work.
May 2021
Cambodian garment workers commuting to work in a factory in Phnom Penh, March 2021, by Thomas Cristofoletti/Ruom. Copyright Thomas Cristofoletti/Ruom.

A year on: Economic and health crises converge in Cambodia’s garment industry

Building back better social and health protection in the global garment industry after Covid-19
April 2021
A school child writing, holding a pencil

System leadership in disruptive times: robust policy making in school trusts in England

Research has given new insights into the robustness and resilience of school trusts in supporting their students, staff and communities during the pandemic
April 2021
Liberia flag

Roadmap to accountability: Overcoming barriers to justice in Liberia (part one)

On 18-19 July 2019, the University of Nottingham Human Rights Law Centre brought together Liberian stakeholders and international experts in Monrovia for a historic Legislative Conference on Accountability for Past Crimes in Liberia
April 2021
A hand wearing clinical gloves holding a wedding ring

Forced marriage and lockdown in the UK

Dr Helen McCabe's research explores the impact of Covid-19 on those vulnerable to, or already experiencing forced marriage
April 2021
One of the female participants talking about her family life

Our stories: exploring UK family lives

Exploring the lives of marginalised families through digital networks
April 2021
A male and female police officer in uniform

Hiding in plain sight: County Lines during Covid-19

Lockdown makes the exploitation of young people by drug dealers harder to detect. Dr Ben Brewster’s research is helping police and safeguarding agencies respond
April 2021
PPE: surgical masks and hand sanitizer on a table

Single sourcing

With billions spent on new contracts for PPE, the pandemic has put government procurement practice under intense scrutiny
March 2021
Woman working on a till wearing PPE

A year on: working class women and work during the Covid-19 pandemic

The pandemic has further exposed deep gender and class inequalities, say professors Tracey Warren and Clare Lyonette, and the government must act if we are to rebuild a fairer society
March 2021

Misogyny against women and girls is everyone’s responsibility

Loretta Trickett and Louise Mullany talk about how Misogyny against women and girls is everyone’s responsibility
March 2021
Social distancing signage for Covid

Sharing knowledge is key to fully understanding the impact of Covid

Introducing a blog series on the University of Nottingham’s ongoing research contribution to the Covid-19 effort
March 2021
Delegates sat across a panel

Strengthening democracy

A landmark study of party politics in Europe is shaping constitutional reform in Georgia
January 2021
Science experiment in front of school children

Teaching the teachers: improving education

Facundo Albornoz’ research improved training of secondary school teachers in Argentina and is influencing the global debate on the best and most cost-effective approaches to improve education
January 2021

Policy Impact and Public Engagement Awards

Policy Impact and Public Engagement Awards
January 2021
An Image of globe

An academic working in government: reflections from a Chief Scientific Adviser

Professor Paul S Monks (Leicester University) shares his thoughts and reflections three months into assuming his role as Chief Scientific Adviser during an unprecedented time
December 2020
City skyline at night

Making way for 5G and beyond

New wave modelling is helping roll out the next digital revolution
December 2020
People queueing for a Covid test in China

Cities and communities after the pandemic

Cities and communities after the Covid-19 pandemic
December 2020
Person voting in front of the American flag

Covid-emocracy: challenges and lessons from the US Election

Challenges and lessons from the 2020 US Election
November 2020
Person typing on a keyboard

Covid-19, mass unemployment and structural change

The pandemic is accelerating irreversible shifts already under way in the UK economy
July 2020
Shopping trolley full of food

Integrated, agile evidence from social scientists is helping policymakers respond to Covid-19

The ability to supply reliable business data in almost real-time limits the damage caused by uncertainty and is helping the UK plan for recovery
June 2020
A digital eye

Covid-19 and lessons for teaching and learning

Universities have already moved to online lectures. Now’s the chance to really shake-up how we deliver education
June 2020
Boris Johnson making a live Covid-19 announcement

Trust: a challenge for our times

One of the questions you might have asked yourself in the last few months is: when is someone or something trustworthy, and how can I tell?
May 2020