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Dr David Turner

I feel grateful I’ve been able to contribute

Microbiologist Dr David Turner began the year treating Covid-19 patients before playing a key role in the delivery of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine

Shaarna Shanmugavadivel

Saving young lives with a clearer view of cancer

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have transformed awareness of childhood brain tumours. Now an unprecedented study will deepen understanding of the journey from diagnosis to treatment for children at risk from all forms of cancer

Emily ODonnell a Nottingham researcher stood in a green space

My Blue-Green vision

Dr Emily O’Donnell explains how better protecting cities like Newcastle and Nottingham from flooding can also make them greener, healthier and more pleasant places to live

A year on: Economic and health crises converge in Cambodia’s garment industry

Building back better social and health protection in the global garment industry after Covid-19

Forced marriage and lockdown in the UK

Exploring the impact of Covid-19 on those vulnerable to, or already experiencing forced marriage