Sickness pay and work-life balance

In response to the changing situation, we are reviewing some of our policies. Below, you will find information about sickness pay, furlough, tax relief and maintaining a good work-life balance. 

This page was last updated on 15 July 2021 at 16:11 (GMT)

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Sickness and self-isolation

Further information on sick pay and arrangements when you are self- isolating can be found on our Sickness and Self-Isolation page.  This explains what happens whether or not you are able to work from home, how long you would need to be self-isolating and it explains the pay you would receive.

Recent regulations place a requirement on employees to inform their employer if they are self-isolating.  The same regulations require the University to stop an employee from working (unless they can work from home) it is therefore important that any incident of self-isolation is reported using the system above and also you let your manager know.

Return to campus and return from furlough

If you are a manager with a team who are either returning to work on campus or returning from furlough, please have a look at the Return to Operations: Manager's Guide (HR)

Find more in-depth information about furlough using the link below.

Furlough information for staff and managers

Reduced hours/unpaid leave/flexible working

The changes to the ways in which we work, and also our family commitments may have impacted on people in different ways and therefore you may be looking at different working patterns.

Worklife balance policies

Some colleagues will want to continue working during this period, but temporarily on reduced hours. The University will soon be launching a scheme for a temporary reduction in working hours and unpaid leave.  If you feel that you would be interested in this you may start discussing options with your manager so that when the scheme is available you will be able to submit an application and have it approved quickly.


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